About me

​Kia ora and let me introduce myself.

I've been fascinated by babies and birth for as long as I can remember and working in health-related areas most of my working life.  

I believe that raising children gently and peacefully is a powerful way to contribute to creating world peace and birthing gently is a great starting point.

I've been a Childbirth Educator for almost twenty years and have also trained in Hypnobirthing (the Mongan method), Active Birth (with Janet Balaskas UK) and as a Doula (with Michel Odent UK).   Along the way I've learned a variety of other modalities which I draw on in my birth work.  My style is eclectic and tailored to suit you and your specific needs.

I qualified as a classical homeopath in 1989 and as a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming in 2008.  My curiosity about the power of the mind to influence our experiences in life has led me to study and practise Clinical Hypnotherapy currently as it fits so well with  birth work.

My intention when working with you is to hold a space for you and your birthing partner(s) so you can feel relaxed and safe.  Then you are able to find your own power and way of birthing.

​Rather than cramming more information in (although I do have plenty of information if wanted) I will be encouraging you to find and express your own needs and wishes for your birth. 

I'd love to talk with you, by phone, in a free half-hour session or meet you in one of my classes or workshops.

 Ko Tainui te waka
 Ko Ngati Raukawa te iwi
 Ko Manawatu te awa
 Ko Tararua te pae maunga
 Ko Motuiti te marae

Ko Aileen Devonshire taku ingoa

Tihei Mauri Ora!

From my clients


Doug E

“Aileen is simply amazing.  I recommend her to anyone interested in natural and holistic birthing.”


Kate T

“Aileen’s compassion for babies and their mothers and fathers is so profound that we counted ourselves lucky for finding her.”


Kate M

“Aileen is a natural at supporting women and their families on the journey of birth.”

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