Holistic Birth - Antenatal

Holistic Antenatal Classes leave you feeling relaxed and excited about giving birth.


Starting Thursday 7th September 2017, the classes run every Thursday evening for 6 weeks.


Topics covered include:​

  • the natural ways a woman's body is designed to make birth easier,

  • Active Birth methods,

  • hypno-birthing techniques,

  • common sense tips and hacks to make birth more comfortable

  • how to care for a newborn.


These classes are a great place to build confidence in your knowledge and ability to manage labour, birth and early parenting.

Note - groups are small so book early to avoid disappointment.

Previous attendees



“I had the most amazing birth, I really have to say all I learnt from you in the breathing classes and the antenatal classes was so helpful, the breathing technique you taught me just made my birth so good.”



“Aileen has such a peaceful aura about her and her inspiration, knowledge and resources helped me relax, find peace and be in a much more positive head space in those last few months of my pregnancy which has also helped give me strength and confidence as a new mother. I would highly recommend The Holistic Birth Company to anyone who is having a baby.”

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