Holistic Birth - Antenatal

​We want you to be well-prepared for the last few weeks and months of pregnancy and the unknowns of labour and life with a newborn.

We’ll show you how much the design of your body eases and enhances the birth process and how you can work with those features.

You’ll learn:

  • how to relax very deeply and why this is so effective for birth,

  • how useful breathing is and why it makes a difference to you both,

  • how to keep your thoughts positive.​

Birthing partners will learn how to help you birth easily and gently and how to help deepen your relaxation so you feel more in control of what’s happening.

In addition to the skills of breathing, relaxation and visualisation you will learn Active Birthing methods, mindfulness, techniques from acupressure, labour massage, movement and positioning and many other skills to make your birthing journey more comfortable and in your control.

Joining the course costs $355. You are welcome to bring two support people to the classes with you. We think it’s important to make sure that your entire birthing team is on the same page as you and know what you know.

The classes are a great place to build confidence in your knowledge and ability to manage labour, birth and early parenting.

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Previous attendees



“I had the most amazing birth, I really have to say all I learnt from you in the breathing classes and the antenatal classes was so helpful, the breathing technique you taught me just made my birth so good.”



“Aileen has such a peaceful aura about her and her inspiration, knowledge and resources helped me relax, find peace and be in a much more positive head space in those last few months of my pregnancy which has also helped give me strength and confidence as a new mother. I would highly recommend The Holistic Birth Company to anyone who is having a baby.”

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